12th Street

From day one of meeting with 12th Street it was clear that they were a church that cared about a professional appearance through their communication channels. What they had was working, but was painfully limited by the creators, hard to update and was not mobile friendly.  We moved them to WordPress to alleviate many of the pain and sufferings that had been binding them. The flexibility of WordPress not only set them up for success now but with its ever changing and growing community it has put them in a position to create whatever they need for years to come. We helped transition 12th Street from using 12thstreetbaptist.org to 12th.co. The benefits to this transition were one staying current on the ever growing landscape of the wild frontier of the Internet and two to provide clarity in many things from email addresses to shortlinks such as events.12th.co (just think events.12thstreetbaptist.org!) Though we led them to change their main url we helped keep their previous urls in order to help any previous marketing to stay current and relevant.

Some other solutions and services that we provided them were:

-Logo design and branding

-Sermon uploading solution and podcast creation

-Social presence and management on TwitterInstagramFacebook

-Photography shoot of staff members

-Directory Design: cover, ministry pages, staff page

-Weekly bulletin and announcement videos

-Promotional banners

-Branding of multiple large regional events: Revitalize, Praying Alabama, Praying Pastors Praying Churches

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