Working with Cornerstone was a lot of fun! I have fun on every project but the excitement and vibrance of this team made me want to complete the project for them!  I got to speak with Cornerstone when they were just putting together what they wanted their brand to be.  It was a special to have those raw conversations with the team, watching them flesh out things on paper. But the privilege really came getting to be around as their team gelled and really started clicking. The launch of Cornerstone actually happened on Sunday February 8th, but the preview Sunday services that lead up to the launch were awesome to hear about and see the excitement that was building. I am truly proud to say that I got to help bring some of their visual brand and mission to life through video, website and social media guidance/management.

Cornerstone has a fantastic team of very creative and quality lovingly people. We found common love in pushing the norm, creating memorable experiences and thriving for the best first.  When we first met they had a great logo that well represented their goals and direction. It became a great launch for our collaboration on this project. Once we walked through a few mockups of what their site could do and what I suggested might work best for them along what they had seen and experienced on other great sites we narrowed our focus to give them the best experience for the visitor and team alike.

What they needed:

– A dynamic website that fit their direction and would work great on all devices.

– A real social media presence that worked for them instead of just there.

– A healthy plan to transition from all the previous accounts (social, website, visuals) to the new accounts without losing followers and much needed connections. Along with communicating that things have changed; and it was a real change not just a name change.

– A prayer wall to connect members in a healthy prayer group through the website.

– A vision video and other video content.

– Advice on email, hosting, audio sermons, and other needs to be professional at a minimal cost.

Quick Highlights from this project.

1. We got to be on the forefront of the internet with the purchase of a “.church” address, along with some more traditional addresses.

2. In order to bridge the gap between launch and current time I made a one page site on what would be their future URL “” so that the marketing of the church could have a clear digital connection through their print marketing. This allowed me to build the site at the right time instead of rushing to have it done so that they could promote it.  This also allowed them to add media links as they came about. Creating a much more organic journey instead of a cookie cutter package. We even changed it out to match marketing changes since they were making many of those visuals in house.

3. One of the things at the beginning was the goal for volunteers to be able to update the site and content on a regular bases with ease. I got to train a few of the volunteers so that they can carry on the weekly/ daily work of the site without my involvement. This is great for both of us in many ways.

4. By relaunching I also got to help with the beginning stages of social media accounts, creating a cohesive and lasting digital image.  I also have helped with the promotion of these creating excitement with content and a few dollars for maximum impact. The result was phenomenal, within a week we surpassed their previous social media footprint in all aspects!

Please got check out their websites and their social media impressions below. If you have any questions about how Moses & Esther could help you create the same please contact us at anytime.

-Nate Holder

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