We really enjoyed working with a key member of Mayor Guyton’s reelection team to assess, cast, plan, and create a web presence for this campaign. We also created a social media presence through bolstering the campaign’s Facebook presence and creating for the first time on Twitter an active presence.  A unifying identity across all platforms with consistent art, consistent message, and consistent monitoring created an effective campaign across all digital influence areas. Developing both scheduled posts and working hard on creating conversations through current events and issues was a key goal of our workflow.  When it came to the website we created an easy to use, elegant and modern design that allows all platforms (desktop, tablet and mobile phone) to have a consistent and rich experience with the message every time.
Though we enjoyed the process of creating and crafting what Mayor Guyton needed digitally, what truly mattered was being a part of his reelection. He won by a healthy margin! The numbers that were achieved through the Mayor Guyton’s new digital footprint were a 25.6% Facebook follow growth and over 1200 unique website visits averaging 1 1/2 minutes per visit within 21 days leading into Election Day.
Please visit Mayor Guyton’s website and see how we can create a digital footprint for you.
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